A traditional Swiss city on the border of France and Germany, Basel (also known as Basle or Bale in French), is a beautiful place to visit, filled with plenty of interesting activities. Best known for its art scene, Swiss architecture, and mouth-watering chocolate creations.

Located along the River Rhine, Basel is currently home to around 180,000 residents and is the third most populous city in Switzerland. The two largest cities being the University city of Geneva and the vibrant city of Zurich. While the city of Basel itself was first attested as late as the 4th-century (as the Roman fort of Basilia), traces of Romano-Gaul forts in the surrounding area date back much earlier.

It’s location in the Swiss Rhineland and its proximity to the border with France and Germany has helped Basel become an important city for foreign trade and banking. As well as being one of the most beautiful places to visit in Switzerland, those with an interest in culture will be pleased to know that the city has also become an art city of sorts, filled with numerous beautiful museums and galleries.



Venue of Group B and E, 12 matches

St. Jakobshalle is the most functional and flexible hall / arena in Switzerland with state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology for international events. Total 10 smaller and bigger halls at the St. Jakobshalle with different opportunities.

Capacity: 6,500


Handball World Championship (1986)
European Championship (2006)
World Championship Badminton (2019)
ATP 500 tennis Tournament Swiss Indoors (2019)
UCI Indoor Cycling World Championships (2019)
Longines CSI Basel 2020 horse jumping World Cup (2020)