Women's EHF EURO 2024

In a handball team, players work together to achieve a common goal. This requires different roles with different skills. You can rely on these; you always know what to expect from each other. This is how a great team works.

We are the same. 3 different countries with 3 different strengths, working as a team towards a common goal: to promote and celebrate women’s handball with a unique event.

We strongly believe that all of our different roles are needed to create something great in 2024.

You can trust on the world-famous punctuality of the Swiss people, the aimed of all things Austrian, and the passionate creativity of Hungarians. It is a constellation aims towards perfection.

The Women’s EHF EURO 2024 will go down in history, because this will be the first time when 24 participating team will compete against each other. This trendsetting format of the tournament can create an unforgettable event for players and fans all over Europe.

We will connect four cities in three countries. Vienna and Innsbruck in Austria, Debrecen in Hungary and Basel in Switzerland. All organizing cities have airports in or very near them, moreover Vienna, Debrecen, Basel can be accessed via low-cost airlines, too.







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During the 16 playing days of the WOMEN’S EHF EURO 2024 the fans can experience 65 of the best games in handball.

Preliminary rounds conducted in round robin will take place in three cities - Basel , Debrecen and Innsbruck will host 2-2 groups - , from where the two best seeded teams from each group will elevate into the main round. So from 5 December 2024 the best twelve teams move into Vienna and Debrecen from where through single eliminations the top six will participate in the final weekend, that is 13-15 December 2024, in Vienna.